Our Story

best_mod_uid91320101155061.jpgAfter WWII, Carmen Turano brought his brothers, Mariano, Attilio and Eugenio to America from Italy. Once here, they joined him in the baking business. As their business grew, they passed down their knowledge to a second generation who held true to their artisan heritage. Founded in 1981 as Turano Pastry and prior to that as Turano Bakery, owners Remo and Egidio Turano recently adopted the names of Chicago Pastry and Casa dei Dolci for their business and product line.

belmont_carmod_uid91320101155151.jpgAs part of Chicago's premier baking family, the Turano brothers are proud to carry on the traditions of their forefathers by providing old world recipes, handmade artisan products and old fashioned freshness and goodness in all of their products. Our heritage of quality, service and value are the basis of our business and is now being passed down to a third generation.

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