Chicago Pastry has perfected pastries in chicago.

After WWII, Carmen Turano brought his brothers Mariano, Attilio, and Eugenio to America from Italy to create a quality Italian bakery. As their business began to grow, they passed down their knowledge to Remo and Egidio; the second generation who have continued their artisan heritage and maintained the bakery's core family values.

Over 41 years the local shop has grown from Turano Bakery and Turano Pastry to the booming business you know today as Chicago Pastry. With an ever-growing product line of baked goods and its beautiful pastry shop, Chicago Pastry is the best local spot for bakery delights.


From Our Customers

The service was quick and the food was delicious. I got some coffee cake/pastry type things and they were out of this world. Everything was extremely fresh-looking.

 - Mary A.

Have an extra power with our Cappuccino

"Best Pastry Shop In Town! I've been ordering cakes from Turano's for over 25 years. Family & friends just love it. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."

- by Jacqueline

Cappuccino at Chicago Pastry
Pastry Shop

I have been coming here for years. My family comes here to get desserts for all our parties. They have a great selection of different cakes and pastries to choose from and the best cannoli I have had. 

- Johnny C.

Our Chocolate Cake!