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your local source for CAKES, desserts, breads, and pizza!

Well known for over 41 years as Turano Pastry and Turano Bakery, we changed our name to Chicago Pastry. We specialize in cakes, pastries, specialty bread products and our famous Belmont Avenue Chicago-style pizza. 

Our bakers have years of experience with decorating various kinds of goods including wedding cakes and birthday cakes. Think of Chicago Pastry for your next event!

Familiar with our weekly specials? Don’t forget these days!

Monday- 99 Cent regular Cannoli

Tuesday- Customer Favorite Day

Wednesday- 4 for $5 Brownies

Thursday- Buy 2, get 1 free Eclairs! OR Buy 4, get 2 free Eclairs

Friday- Pan Pizza for $7.49


Chicago's Best! 

Regular Cannoli 

Regular Cannoli 

Cannoli Platter 

Cannoli Platter 


Do not take our word for it, just try them for yourself.
We offer our traditional Cannoli, or Chocolate. Also available in miniature size!
We don't stop there. Try our Cannoli Platter, or Cannoli Dip Tray. Both perfect for any gathering! 


To satisfy every taste!

5 lb. Cookie Tray 


Chocolate Chip, Harvest, Double Chocolate, Mezza Luna, Fig (Cuccidate), Pistachio, Egg Taralli, Lemon Knots, Almond Crescents, Sesame, Chocolate Amaretti,Coconut Macaroon, Butter Cookie, Pastaburro, Pignoli, Kolacky

We offer Cookie trays available in multiple sizes: 

1 lb. Cookie Tray 16-20 Cookies

3 lb. Cookie Tray 50-60 Cookies 

5 lb. Cookie Tray 100 Cookies 

7 lb. Cookie Tray 140-150 Cookies 



Chicago Style Pan Pizza

Pan Pizza 


Chicago style Pan Pizza ready to eat as is, or finish it off at home by adding your own toppings.
For sure to be a hit at your next gathering. 


Special Occasions and Everyday Treats

Custom Wedding Cake 

Custom Wedding Cake 

Fresh Fruit Torte 

Fresh Fruit Torte 


Available in store: Cannoli, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Sinful Chocolate, French Cream Delight, Tiramisu, Fresh Fruit Torte, Black Forest, Mocha. 
Or let us help you customize your cake for any special occasion! 

Standard cake sizes and servings: 

6" serves 4-5 people           

8" serves 8-10 people 

10" serves 20-22 people 

12" serves 30-36 people 


Filling Options: Cannoli Cream, French Cream, Chocolate French Cream, Custard, Buttercream, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Preserve, Raspberry  Preserve, Apricot Preserve. 




1/2 Pan serves 40 people 

3/4 Pan serves 75 people 

Full Pan serves 100 people 



Additional Pricing: Fresh Strawberries in French Cream, Fresh Strawberries in Custard, Nutella Cream, Fudge.

pastries & More! 

Made fresh! 

Regular Mini Pastry Tray

Regular Mini Pastry Tray


Coffee Cake, Apple & Cherry Strudel, Apple Tartan, Donuts, Dossants, Almond Crescents, Cornetti, Brownies, Cupcakes, Decorated Cookies, Chocolate Bundt Cake, Cannoli ,Chocolate Cannoli, Lobster Tails, Apple Slices, Chocolate Eclairs, Sfogliatelle, Chocolate Strawberries, Creme Brulee. 


Perfect for any social gathering, we offer assorted miniature pastry trays available in two sizes:
Regular Mini Pastry Tray has 25 pieces. 
Large Mini Pastry Tray has 45 pieces. 

We like to estimate 2-3 mini pastries per person!